Main Trail & Meadow Trail

The Petrified Forest is a collection of majestic fossilized redwood trees that have been excavated after laying beneath volcanic ash for millions of years.


We offer lively and informative guided tours daily at 11, 1, and 3 and self guided tours all day long. Guided tours average 1—1.5 hours, self guided tours average 40 minutes.

The Main Trail (1/2 mile loop)

The main trail offers a view of our petrified tree exhibits as well as information about the petrification process and the discovery of the forest in the mid 1800s.

The Meadow Trail (1/2 mile out and back)

The meadow trail is an evenly graded path that winds through a series of small meadows and ends at a large meadow with a view of Mt. Saint Helena which is in the location of the volcano that caused the petrification of the forest 3.4 million years ago. Adjacent to the meadow is a unique geologic formation called an ash fall which is a remnant of the hundreds of feet of ash that covered the area after the volcanic eruption.

Trail Conditions

The trails are composed of compacted sediment and are not paved. As a result of the living forest there are some roots along the way as well some uneven surfaces. Trail conditions are weather dependent and in the winter months certain areas of the trail may be muddy as a result of the absorbent volcanic ash. Feel free to give us a call for current trail conditions.

*Dogs are welcome at the Petrified Forest! Please keep them on a leash at all times and pick up after them.