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Update - Plan to re-open at the end of May 2018

Here at The Petrified Forest, the sun shines brightly and warmly, several bird species sing, butterflies flit about and pollinate the budding flowers, and the property bursts with new, green foliage. It's both exciting and reassuring to us that Mother Nature always seems to know what to do to persevere and to regenerate. We have also been doing this on a personal level, as well as on a collective level. As many of our neighbors, friends, and business associates are contending with the ramifications of the 2017 Northern California fires, we too have been placing one foot in front of the other. Diligently, we have been applying our brain power and heart to make progress. Submitting insurance papers, overseeing tree removal, rebuilding fences, replanting trees and flowers, purchasing new merchandise for the Nature Store ... the list goes on. On a lighter note, we recently returned from the Tucson International Gem & Mineral trade show where we were delighted to purchase some choice new pieces of Arizona petrified wood slabs, Madagascar petrified wood bowls, Pyrite-infused nautiluses, and stunning, high quality jewelry.

The fire damaged debris were removed on February 14th, which paves the way to rebuilding our water system. A new system will be put into place the week of March 26th. We cannot re-open unless we have fresh water —imagine that! Our sincere hope is that we swing open our gates, our doors, and our hearts to all of you on or about May 1, 2018. Please do contact us prior to coming to confirm that we indeed are open. We very much appreciate your continued patience and encouraging phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts—thank you! Together, we will prove even more worthy to be called Sonoma Strong. Please check our progress on our official Instagram and Facebook pages.